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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The work of Drs Howard and Laurie Austrager is outstanding!
Being involved with healing ministry myself, I am very aware of how important the spine is to the rest of my body.

The combination of medical skill and caring attention to the whole person always leaves me feeling well and whole
Their method is gentle, accurate and thorough.

They also use high tech modalities that improve the well being of the individual.
I highly recommend them to any one who want to live life well.

Patricia C.

CSJ, LMT Framingham Chiropractic Helps Local Nun

I went to see Dr. Austrager do to some lower back pain. The pain came about from refereeing a soccer tournament where I had worked about a dozen games over a 3 day period on artificial turf. After a few visits the pain went away and I was back on the field feeling good. Here is the real interesting thing. Prior to seeing Dr. Austrager I had seen a doctor who specializes in back pain. He gave me a series of exercises to do and that actually made the pain worse. He then discussed cortisone shots. I said no way and that was it for him. That is when I decided to give Dr. Austrager a chance. I didn’t want to cover the pain with pain killers, I wanted to find the problem and fix it. Dr. Austrager did. I have seen him since that for “tune ups” and my back still feels good even with all the refereeing/running I do.

Steve N.

Back Pain Relief – Framingham Chiropractor

I have been coming to your office for a series of ailments, lower back, bulging discs, muscle strains, for several years. I do not know how this chiropractic stuff works but it does. When I come into your office I never feel like my spine is out of line but when I leave I feel better. I have come in on more than one occasion , bent over at a 45 degree angle. Thirty minutes, or less, later I can walk normally again. So this is a general word of thanks to you for keeping me on my feet and at the job.

Roger S.

Back Pain Relief in Framingham – Chiropractor

I had persistent shoulder pain for several months, and had been under the care of another chiropractor in Wellesley who used active release therapy to ease my pain. It did not work, so I decided to work with Dr. Austrager. Within 3 weeks, my shoulder pain was completely gone and I have Dr. Austrager to thank. I recommend him highly.

Deb L.

Shoulder Pain in Framingham

After years of pain in my lower back, Dr. Austrager really helped me get better. After a few weeks the pain is gone and I feel great. If anybody has beck issues, this is the place to be. If I have any future issues with my back I’ll be coming back here.


Lower Back Pain

I was in severe pain for almost 2 months. I wasn’t sure what the problem was. Dr. Austrager told me that it was sciatica. I started treatment right away. After a few weeks, the pain is almost completely gone. I have slight pain once in a while, but it’s nothing compared to what I had before. Thank God!

Sally T.

Severe Sciatica Pain

I have been seeing Dr. Austrager for he past several months. When I first came in I was in a lot of pain in my neck, shoulder and lower back. Now, I can do everything throughout the day with much less pain. Since I decided to see Dr. Austrager, it has made my life much better and made a huge difference. I would recommend his practice to whoever has back, neck or body problems.


Neck Pain From Framingham

Dr. A does a great job keeping me healthy. I have been going to him for over a year now and my back feels much better!



Dr. Howard has treated my husband and helped him to overcome pain. He is caring, professional, and committed to keeping up with the latest information in his field, including completing a Masters degree in neurology. Dr. Howard regularly provides free seminars for people suffering from fibromyalgia and other challenging conditions. His wife Laurie is equally dedicated. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to Metrowest Spine Clinic.

Mary H.


Dr. Howard has been treating my family for over eight years now. When you know a good thing, you stick with it…or in this case…with him. I select my medical doctors based on a number of criteria and Dr. Howard meets and consistently exceeds my expectations. He has the best beside manner I have EVER encountered in a doctor and there is never a question he won’t take the time to answer with patience and forethought. I never feel that I’m just another “number” in his office and the care he has provided for us is second to none. If you want the best of the best….then he is your chiropractor!

Nikki D.

Dr Howard is very knowledgeable and the care he provides to his patients is absolutely exceptional. I would recommend him to anyone who suffers from back pain, neck pain, FM or any other ailments. Even knee pain, like me. After several months of PT, I decided to go to his clinic, and he was able to help me in just a few sessions. Thanks Dr Howard.


Dr. Howard, so I was skeptical if it would help relieve my back and neck pain. Now, after seeing Dr. Howard regularly for over 4 months, I don’t know how I could ever live without him and his services. My back feels better than it has in years and my neck pain is completely gone. Now I see Dr. Howard once a month for maintenance. My back and shoulders feel relaxed all the time now. He’s personable, knowledgeable and a true professional. I refer people to him all the time with 100% confidence that he can help them feel better!

Ethan G.
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