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car accident whiplash diagram

Long Term Effects of Whiplash After an Auto Accident

Whiplash is a soft tissue neck injury that will often occur in a Car Accident when the victim’s head is suddenly jolted backward and forwards. Many people who are involved in an auto accident will suffer from a whiplash injury. These injuries can range from mild to severe, however, when they are not properly diagnosed or treated, the…
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woman with back pain

6 Steps to Take Immediately After a Back Injury

We use our back every day to complete regular activities such sitting up, lifting and reaching. Your back is in use all day long making the tendons, muscles, and ligaments in your back work hard. These three soft tissue structures need to work synergistically for you to function without pain. Since they are in constant motion it…
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Signs You Should See a Chiropractor

10 Signs You Should See a Chiropractor

There are many people who will wait to see a chiropractor until something terrible has happened or they can hardly bare the pain symptoms they are feeling. Many people only think to see a chiropractor when something has gone wrong instead of seeing one as a way to prevent something from going wrong in the…
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how auto accidents can affect your neck and back

The Main Causes of Neck and Back Pain After an Auto Accident – What You Need to Know

It is nearly impossible to prepare for the unexpected. Imagine this – you’re driving home from work and before you know it you’re part of a vehicular accident. These events can happen at any time and anyplace. Some accidents may seem minor, but you’ll find out sooner or later that there’s a lingering pain you might feel in your…
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Common Myths About Auto Accident Injuries

3 Common Myths About Auto Accident Injuries

There are many myths when it comes to pain after a car accident. Most revolve around accusations of people faking injuries, but the reality is, no matter the severity of the accident, victims should seek chiropractic care immediately. Not all injuries present symptoms immediately and waiting too long to get medical attention often results in increased pain and suffering in the future…
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Benefits of Chiropractic Care After An Auto Accident

9 Benefits of Chiropractic Care After An Auto Accident

If you were involved in a Car Accident, even if it was minor, failure to see a Chiropractic specialist could result in chronic conditions that take months or years to heal, costing you thousands of dollars in medical treatment. Many people who are injured in a minor accident do not even think to see a chiropractor.…
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Why Shin Splint Sufferers Should Consider Chiropractic

Why Shin Splint Sufferers Should Consider Chiropractic

Whether you are an avid exerciser, an exuberant shopper, or a small child chaser, you have probably felt tightening and burning in your shin at one point in your life. Sometimes, the pain stops when the activity ceases, but other times the pain remains. If shin pain continues bothering you, it may be time to…
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Framingham Chiropractor Helping Patient With Back Pain

Is Chiropractic Care The Answer To Your Child’s Chronic Ear Infections?

“Mom, it hurts. It hurts!” Parents of children suffering from ear infections are all too familiar with this cry. Tugging at their ears, crying, and trouble sleeping are all signs of an ear infection in your little one. Children are more susceptible to ear infections than adults because of their smaller Eustachian tubes, and their…
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4 Weight Loss Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care

We all know and understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. Some individuals do quite nicely at managing their pounds with seemingly little effort, while other struggle constantly. A recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 78 million American adults suffer from obesity. A person who has sustained…
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