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how auto accidents can affect your neck and back

The Main Causes of Neck and Back Pain After an Auto Accident – What You Need to Know

It is nearly impossible to prepare for the unexpected. Imagine this – you’re driving home from work and before you know it you’re part of a vehicular accident. These events can happen at any time and anyplace. Some accidents may seem minor, but you’ll find out sooner or later that there’s a lingering pain you might feel in your…
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Common Myths About Auto Accident Injuries

3 Common Myths About Auto Accident Injuries

There are many myths when it comes to pain after a car accident. Most revolve around accusations of people faking injuries, but the reality is, no matter the severity of the accident, victims should seek chiropractic care immediately. Not all injuries present symptoms immediately and waiting too long to get medical attention often results in increased pain and suffering in the future…
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