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Neck Pain

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Neck pain can be caused by irritation, inflammation, injury, or infection. Pain in the neck, shoulder, hand, or head “most” frequently results from irritation of cervical nerve roots in the region of the intervertebral foramen, encroachment of the vascular supply as it courses through the vertebral canal, or invasion of the cord in the spinal canal.

Neck Pain Treatment
In Framingham

If unhealthy, your neck’s normal forward curve may reduce, become straight or “military,” or even reverse its curve. Over time, arthritic changes in the vertebrae such as lipping or spurring, disc-thinning or degeneration, or deterioration of muscles, ligaments and other structures may occur. However, in spite of all these changes, there may or may not be pain. In fact, studies show little or no correlation between the degree of neck pain and arthritis changes found on X-rays and MRI. This is what makes it so important to visit a chiropractor. There could be a considerable underlying problem, but you may only have mild neck pain. You want an expert who knows what to do to stop the progression of arthritis or disc changes that may be happening.

Lipping, spurring, and other irregularities (arthritis) do not in themselves constitute a disease but are instead defense mechanisms that happen in the body to stabilize a spine that is out of alignment. Recent research has shown that chiropractic care can reverse some of the effects of arthritis – something that had previously been considered impossible.

Drs. Austrager use the Activator instrument to make corrections of the neck to fix the underlying cause of your neck pain. This type of treatment requires no twisting or cracking to help your neck’s alignment. There are no side effects and it is completely safe. Don’t suffer, find out what’s causing your problem.

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