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Framingham Chiropractor Helps Headache Sufferers

Headache1Sure, you know that if you have back pain or experience an injury to your back, it is likely you will at some point see a chiropractor. But did you also know that chiropractors treat patients for a wide array of illnesses and other health conditions, including headaches? As a matter of fact, chiropractic care is a great, all-natural way to treat this very common problem that affects approximately nine out of every ten people. So, how is it that those spinal alignments performed by chiropractors can alleviate your chronic headache pain? Read on to find out more about chiropractic care for headaches:

The cause of headaches. In order to understand how chiropractic care can be of benefit to headache sufferers, it is important to understand why headaches happen in the first place. Ninety-five percent of all headaches stem from tension in the neck. These are categorized as primary headaches, and include cluster, migraine, and tension headaches. Common chiropractic treatments like spinal manipulation, acupuncture, and deep tissue massage can help to alleviate that tension in the neck, and are therefore ideal for treating headache pain.

How spinal manipulation or adjustment works. The process of an adjustment is exactly what it sounds like: the chiropractor manually moves your spine, with the intent of aligning your vertebrae. This eases swelling and tension in between your discs, which in turn relieves your nerves of pressure. Believe it or not, the nerves in your spine communicate with your entire body by way of the central nervous system; that means they are responsible for pain in a number of different places. People who suffer from tension headaches and headaches that originate in the neck are especially responsive to spinal manipulation. Our office specializes in a technique called Activator, where there is NO TWISTING OR CRACKING of the neck.

Overall health guidance: As a chiropractic neurologist, I am trained to develop a multifaceted treatment plan that involves a holistic, total body approach to healing. Therefore, when you receive chiropractic care, you can expect a number of treatment elements in addition to the spinal manipulation, trigger point therapy, and moist heat you might receive in my office. These include advice on exercises, dietary supplements, herbal remedies, and vitamins that may improve the duration, frequency, and intensity of your headaches.

If you suffer from headaches, then you owe it to yourself to explore the possibility of chiropractic care for the relief of your symptoms. You might be surprised to find that a chiropractor can do for your headaches what those bottles of pills couldn’t do. Remember, chiropractic care doesn’t just help the symptoms it helps the CAUSE.

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