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Back pain

Consider These Back Pain Facts:

– Each year, low back injuries account for 40 to 50% of all worker compensation costs.
– 80% of all back injuries are lower back related.
– The total number of spine operations in the US alone has approached 500,000 annually.
– The majority of all back surgeries are unsuccessful.
– When disability payments are considered, the cost to American industry for low back pain is astronomical.
– 8 out of 10 people will see a physician for back pain.
– Back pain is one of the most frequent complaints during primary care office visits.
– On any given day 6.5 million people are in bed because of back pain.
– 5.4 million Americans are disabled by back pain annually.
– 4 million of those disabled by back pain are permanently disabled.
– Back pain is the most frequent cause of activity limitation under age 45.
– 10% of low back pain episodes become chronic.
– Increased incidence of back pain is associated with increasing age.
– Back pain is the number one cause of work absence after colds and flu.
– An estimated 93 million workdays are lost each year due to back pain. Back pain is the most expensive on-the-job-injury.
– 34% to 44% of all settlement injury payments are for low back injuries.
– Only 50% of injured workers ever return to work if out due to back pain for 12 months.
– Spine surgery ranks third among all surgical procedures.
– Some patients are more disabled after surgical treatment than before their injury.
– Low back pain cost exceeds that of any other single health disorder.
– Estimated costs for treatment of back pain may reach $100 billion annually.

Many procedures such as surgery, not only fail, but also more often than not, eventually leave patients with other problems to contend with, compromised discs, scar tissue, infections, and additional surgeries.
In the other pages under this heading we will review many of the major causes of persistent lower back and leg pain that are successfully treated at MetroWest Spine Clinic.

Perhaps you have heard these names or diagnoses before and want to learn about one or more of these conditions. Please be our guest and feel free to inquire of our staff for additional information.

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