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What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

A growing number of studies are demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for treating both acute injuries and chronic pain. The treatment uses a painless, non-invasive device that emits infrared or near infrared light in the form of low-level laser beams or light emitting diodes that penetrate the skin to…
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Framingham Chiropractor Helps Headache Sufferers

Sure, you know that if you have back pain or experience an injury to your back, it is likely you will at some point see a chiropractor. But did you also know that chiropractors treat patients for a wide array of illnesses and other health conditions, including headaches? As a matter of fact, chiropractic care…
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7 Ways to Avoid Back Pain

Dr. Howard Austrager, a Framingham chiropractor, gives you his 7 ways to avoid back pain and what you can do about it. Maintain good posture when sitting or standing. This sounds easy, but there are many ways this can go wrong. Make sure your workstation is setup correctly if you have a desk job. Remember…
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Why Medication Doesn’t Cure Sciatica and What Really Works!

If you have ever had a case of sciatica, in which pain seems to start in your lower back or hip and radiate down your leg to your foot, you have suffered an example of what is referred to as “radiating pain.” The medical term for pain the starts in one area and travels to…
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Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic

Many people benefit from chiropractic care every year, and chiropractic care is frequently covered by private insurance companies. This is a very good thing, since it allows individuals and families who otherwise might not be in a financial position to afford treatment to get the help they need. However, insurers often place significant limitations on…
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How to Make Chiropractic Treatments More Effective

A regular visit to your chiropractor is one of the best things you can do to eliminate chronic back and neck pain and to maintain flexibility and range of motion. Your chiropractor will design a treatment plan specific to your particular needs that will include not only chiropractic adjustments, but also suggestions for appropriate exercises and nutritional…
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Bursitis Causes and Treatment Options

Bodily movement is assisted by over 150 fluid-filled sacs called bursae. Bursae help to cushion your bones, ligaments, and tendons as they move against each other. When in good health these bursae ensure that your joins have a full range of motion. However, these sacs can become swollen and irritated, creating a condition known as…
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